Name: Martion.Mu

    In 1986, was born in liaocheng city, shandong province.
    In 2002, come to Shenzhen lonely.
    In September 2002, working at a molding factory , is responsible for the
    production technology, comprehensive management  gradually.
    In August 2008,working at a famous rapid prototyping company, is responsible
    for sales.
    At the end of 2009, winner of the company's annual sales and for three
    consecutive years has won the reputation.
    In August 2013, created the AN-PROTOTYPE rapid prototyping co., LTD. and  set
    it up in Hong Kong. The factory of AN-PROTOTYPE is in Shenzhen.
    In 2015, led the company achieve sales of ¥15 million.


Name: Smith. Liu
Position: Factory Manager

In 2008, graduated from south China university institute of mechanical.
In September 2008 in shenzhen, worked at a well-known rapid prototyping company, and was responsible for the production.
In June 2010, Moved into management and took charge of the production management.
In August 2013, joined the AN - PROTOTYPE.


Name : Michin
Position:Director of marketing and sales
In June 2007, graduated from yantai university  institute of mechanical.
In June 2010, graduated from yantai university institute of mechanical, getting master's degree.
In September 2010, worked in government departments.
In August 2013, 
joined the AN-PROTOTYPE company.


Name: Han Song
Position: sales manager

In February 2014, 
At the end of 2015, obtained sales champion of AN-PROTOTYPE.

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