• Prototyping for medical equipment

    Prototyping for medical equipment

    Apr 11,2017

    AN-PROTOTYPE is a professional prototyping company specializing in China For a variety of prototyping technology and the implementation of the novelty of the technology, we provide customers read more

  • Prototyping for Avery from American

    Prototyping for Avery from American

    Apr 09,2017

    Avery visited our company on June 7, 2016 The whole story is: Avery found us through Google search, his purpose is to let us make some of the prototype for his production of additional parts read more

  • NEW staff

    NEW staff

    Apr 09,2017

    Andrea is our new international trade and export manager She has extensive experience in a number of large companies, and she is also a sales specialist to ensureread more



    Apr 08,2017

    We can provide fast multi-axis, high-speed CNC machining solutions to meet most conceptual models, prototype parts and low to medium volume manufacturing compone...read more

  • low to medium volume manufacturing

    low to medium volume manufacturing

    Apr 08,2017

    AN-PROTOTYPE produce plastic, metal low to medium volume manufacturing with an unique price If you are finding low to medium manufacturing, then you come to...read more

  • AN-Prototype -Rapid prototyping services

    AN-Prototype -Rapid prototyping services

    Apr 08,2017

    AN-Prototype Co , Ltd was established in 2015 by Martin, a leading manufacturer of prototypes in China, to provide high-quality, rapid prototyping for concept ...read more

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