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Time:2017-04-09  From:AN-PROTOTYPE


In order to better serve our customers, to our business to a new level, we managed to persuade more lucky professionals to join AN-PROTOTYPE company. AN-PROTOTYPE is where to quickly process and manufacture!


Andrea is our new international trade and export manager. She has extensive experience in a number of large companies, and she is also a sales specialist to ensure that your order is effectively managed at the lowest cost of the project and the best way to deliver.

Andrea began working at the age of 22, and since then has been in reserve of knowledge, which in an American company responsible for the international trade department for three years. The experience gained during this period enabled Andrea to be able to handle the commercial trade between the West and China as well as to enable companies to work together to build strong and lasting relationships. Andrea has been very smart, but feels that he has worked with top professionals working in the West to hone her skills and let her grow into a more mellow and experienced executive.

All of these international trade experiences and knowledge are certainly a wealth of Andrea's career, and she believes that it is now the right time to join the AN-PROTOTYPE family and enter the fast processing business. Adding her business intelligence and Western management practices to the portfolio, we are sure that she will be AN-PROTOTYPE and our client's assets.Would you like to be able to talk to Andrea as soon as possible?

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