Prototyping for medical equipment

Time:2017-04-11  From:AN-PROTOTYPE

AN-PROTOTYPE is a professional prototyping machining company specializing in China. For a variety of prototyping technology and the implementation of the novelty of the technology, we provide customers with stable and accurate quality service.
Prototypes are the basic work patterns of a product or information system and are typically used for demonstration purposes and development processes. Related to the hardware design is that the prototype is a hand-made model that allows designers to fully discover the manufacturing product visualization and test design. We have extensive manufacturing processes in CNC, SLA, SLS, surface treatment and so on. Among them, large medical equipment also has a wealth of experience. We have long-term cooperative relationships with Siemens, Aidekang, Oasis and other large medical companies. Large-scale medical equipment is divided into metal parts and plastic parts; metal parts are generally by CNC machining; large plastic parts generally by Reaction Injection Molding; low-volume manufacturing of plastic parts generally by Vacuum Casting. You could provide file types: IGS, STEP, X-T, PRO / E, STL and other 3D drawings, we can help you make it.
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