The significance of rapid prototyping

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The significance of rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping significance lies in the largest shorten product development cycle, make more product can appear in front of people. Then make the meaning of the rapid prototyping hand-board model exactly what?

1, shortened product development cycle

Each product before the public, through research and development, need to do model, market research, make action plan and a series of case to come out.Rapid prototyping of standard greatly improves the product research and development
Cycle, accelerate the speed of.The original model may adopt the manual hand or a more sophisticated model production.Now fast molding mold to research products as early as possible.

2, improve the ability of manufacturing complicated parts

Previous hand-board model manufacture craft may be for some larger standard seem to be some hard, now completely don't worry about it.And the making craft of rapid prototyping hand-board model of easy solution
Definitely some complex parts manufacturing, improve the ability of manufacturing complicated parts.

3, improve the success rate of products available

Using rapid prototyping technology to manufacture products made before you put the model, and then according to the one hundred percent reduction model, see the product which there are insufficient, what are the disadvantages, and then according to
The problems to modify the design of the product.In this way not only save the cost of product manufacturing, also increase the likelihood of product successful interview.

4,support synchronous implementation of the product

Before the product launch, our impression of the product is just a piece of paper, no see see and touch the product to let us evaluate, after using rapid prototyping technology, and we can make communication.More visual assessment.At the time of present products to customers, we can take the model to show, so you can know a rough market order quantity, can draw up the raw material quantity, to prepare for production.

5, can for innovation, improve the appearance of the product design

After using rapid prototyping technology, we can get the appearance of the product model, if what is not satisfied with the model, the appearance of the product can be timely adjustment to improve, until satisfactory for
The check.Make the meaning of the rapid prototyping hand-board model mainly described above.In short, rapid prototyping technology can reduce the production cost, to know the appearance of the product as soon as possible, for product launch
To prepare.

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