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AN-Prototype Co., Ltd was established in 2013 by Martin, a leading manufacturer of prototypes in China, to provide high-quality, rapid prototyping for concept release and mechanical testing. We have offer high quality products such as Huawei, Samsung, Foxconn and more than 300 companies at home and abroad, and have established long-term cooperative relationship with these companies.

Rapid prototyping services:

1, Acrylic model production
2, Double injection molding
3, Sheet metal manufacturing
4. Low-volume Production
5. CNC machining
6. SLA / SLS

Material available:

Plastic - ABS, PC, PV, PMMA, POM, PA (nylon), rubber, silicone
Metal - aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, sheet metal.

Surface treatment:

Paint, polish, screen printing, anodizing, transparent surface, translucent surface, brush, rubber oil, electroplating

We offer products:

1. 3D printing parts: SLS active components, high-precision SLA prototype

2. CNC machining parts: mechanical parts, aluminum alloy shell, plastic shell, complex metal parts and plastic parts, etc.

3. Medical Device Prototype: Iodine Automatic Detector Medical Prototype, Large CNC Machining Whole CT Scanner, Monitor Medical Device, ECT Medical Device Prototype, B Ultrasonic Display Prototype, etc.
4. Molding: vacuum casting children's smart phone positioning watch prototype, mobile double injection cover, mobile double injection cover, speaker box cover, soft PVC extrusion prototype

5. Sheet metal prototype: sheet metal shell, aluminum sheet metal prototype box, stainless steel sheet metal prototype box, sheet metal cabinet, chassis sheet metal cover, etc.

6. Check the fixture: precision car sheet metal parts fixture, check the injection fixture and so on

7. Acrylic model: acrylic building prototype, acrylic building model
We are a professional Chinese rapid prototyping plant AN-Prototype, to provide you with good quality, reasonable price, fast delivery. We adhere to the principle of good faith, to provide the best service.

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