low to medium volume manufacturing

Time:2017-04-08  From:AN-PROTOTYPE

AN-PROTOTYPE produce plastic, metal low to medium volume manufacturing with an unique price. If you are finding low to medium manufacturing, then you come to the right place! Our inexpensive rapid prototyping can run up to more than 100,000 pieces of injection molded parts that may be exactly what you need. We continue to invest in the latest equipment and rapid prtotyping technology, combined with our experienced staff, means that we have the ability to handle low-volume manufacturing plans.

Low to medium volume manufacturing of injection molded parts is ideal for hundreds to thousands of different complexity parts. AN-PROTOTYPE's affordable aluminum or soft tool steel mold makes it the most cost-effective way to meet you need.

AN-PROTOTYPE quickly minimizes the "waiting cost" of all your production, enabling you to produce aluminum or mild steel tools (depending on product complexity) within 3-30 days.

Before low to medium volume manufacturing, first test your manufacturing or assembly process by commissioning to save time and money!

If you have a low to medium volume manufacturing requests, please contact our expert team at sales@an-prototype.com  or contact on www.an-prototype.com for quick quotes and advice in in 24 Hours or Less.

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