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CNC prototyping is one of the most common ways of rapid prototyping, which has a lot of advantages: high accuracy, fast processing speed, good quality of the sample surface, and could use various kinds of materials. CNC prototyping with high speed and low cost in processing, and ±0.05mm accuracy can be reached.There is a wide range of selectable materials, such as ABS, POM, PMMA, PA, PC, PP, bakelite, as well as metal materials of aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, zink alloy, copper, etc.The surface quality of the products can reach a high level,and after the subsequent machining.the products will be more exquisite than those produced from molding.


Generally, the tolerance of the CNC prototyping is DIN-2768- 1-High-Class for the metal products and DIN-2768-1-Medium-Class for the plastic products. The main factors seriously affecting the tolerance are the wall thickness, material and shape of the product. Suggestion on tolerance will be provided by us for each product, so as to help customers obtain products with their standards higher than DIN-2768-1.


AN – PROTOTYPE, as a leading product prototype company in China, has rich experience in cnc prototyping more than 10 years, with perfect production processing and quality control system. AN-PROTOTYPE has very significant advantages in product design, simple model manufacture and small batch production, especially with all kinds of metals such as CNC aluminum parts, precision parts etc. For we have get a profound accumulation from the most professional companies such as Siemens, BYD.

The Keyword Difficulty of CNC Prototype


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Today a professional Chinese product prototype company is going to share some statistics about the keyword CNC Prototype. Please see the form as below:

Keyword                        Difficulty, %            Volume                  Results
CNC prototype              42.84                           50                       686,000

See from the statistics, we can know that the keyword CNC Prototype is quite easy to optimize.

For the search volume is less than 100, the results are not too many, and the difficulty is below 50%.

However, CNC Prototype is belonged to a hot industry. That might add some difficulty for SEO.

Top 10 Countries Query Product Prototype Company the Most in February 2017




Here are some statistics about the top 10 countries query the keyword Product Prototype Company the most in February, 2017:


Country/Region Clicks Impressions CTR Position
China 306 2992 10.23% 35.2
India 102 4624 2.21% 47.1
Malaysia 68 476 14.29% 38.5
Australia 40 374 9.09% 34.7
South Korea 35 306 11.11% 50
United Kingdom 29 1598 2.13% 34.3
Russia 43 1394 2.44% 69.5
Vietnam 31 1292 2.63% 41
Nigeria 34 204 16.67% 63.5


Above statistics are given by Google Webmaster in 1st, March, 2017.


We can see from above statistics that among the 10 countries query Product Prototype Company the most in February, Chinese people click the keyword the most, while India got the most Impressions.


Nigeria had the best CTR, which is over 16%. China, Malaysia and South Korea also had good CTRs.


And the keyword Product Prototype Company ranked the highest in United Kingdom, and ranked good in Australia and China.


So maybe we can focus more on these countries, especially China, India, Nigeria and United Kingdom. And we should do more marketing promotion there.

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