Top 10 Related Keywords of Rapid Prototype China


rapid prototype china

The top 10 related keywords of Rapid Prototype China on April, 2017 are as followed:


Keyword Volume KD CPC (USD)
china rapid prototyping 50 32.12 12.36
rapid prototyping china 260 34.48 9.44
rapid prototyping services china 10 32.06 14.57
prototyping china 20 29.1 6.23
prototype china 20 43.16 0
chinese prototype manufacturers 70 35.58 7.36
china prototype manufacturing 10 40.39 6
prototype 40 25.02 9.38
prototyping companies 140 50.58 7.72
rapid prototyping companies 110 49.9 8.88


From above statistics of the top 10 related keywords of Rapid Prototype China, we can know that all of them are not difficult for search engine optimization.


Most of the keywords’ search volumes are not too many, except for “rapid prototyping china” with 260 search volumes per month.


As for the keyword difficulties, most of them are quite low, which are around 35%. Just 3 keywords are more than 40%.


However, the CPCs are not cheap, and some of them are exceed 10 dollars.


And among the 10 related keywords of Rapid Prototype China, I think the keyword ”rapid prototyping china” is the best keyword for SEO.


Why Go For A Product Prototype Company?

What is prototyping?

Prototyping is a well-designed product design and development method to gain early insight into technical feasibility, user needs and market preferences. This technology is used in various fields from mechanical engineering to software development. This technology helps in creating partial realizations of a planned product by soliciting feedback from various stakeholders, such as end users, engineers, developers, marketers and domain experts.

The ultimate goal of the product prototype company is to minimize risks arising from implementation, production, market acceptance or product value by understanding the potential problems early on the designing process. It enables the inventor to actually touch the perceived product and allows performing various tests and making necessary changes to the final product.

What Prototypes Can Offer?

Quality improvement: With multiple rounds of evaluation during the prototype designs can lead to huge improvements in product quality, value and efficiency. Therefore, the final manufacturing of products will result on support costs and great market success.

Marketing value: Some of the most time-consuming activities occur at the end of the implementation stage, while you create a design it might seem perfect on paper but not in reality. So, with the help of this technology, you will be able to rectify those mistakes because of incomplete or unclear specifications. The more feedback and testing occurs, the more specification-solution gaps are resolved.

Cost savings: Prototyping allows users and other stakeholders to participate in the product design process. Therefore, at the very early stage of the design process all the problems are resolved and it costs much lesser than manufacturing the product altogether.

Apart from the reduction of project risk, product prototype company also avails validation, which is the common additional advantage of working with prototypes. Since prototypes are often comparatively inexpensive to produce, you can create and compare several possible designs to refine the product design as well.