5 Inspecting Equipment to Ensure Us Meeting the Customers’ Accuracy Requirement

In order to meet the customers’ accuracy requirement, AN-PROTOTYPE, as the leading product prototype company, has made great investment in its Quality Inspection Department and equipped a series of advanced inspecting equipment, including a coordinate measuring machine of Hexagon, a Sweden corporation, height gauge, micrometer, plug gauge, etc., so as to enhance the measurement accuracy to ±0.01 mm. The Company will take quality examination in every working procedure, and the inspectors with rich experience use perfect and reliable inspecting methods and standards to ensure the effectiveness of our quality system. AN-PROTOTYPE products are able to sustainably satisfy the requirements of customers which are being enhanced continuously, thus obtaining respect from our customers.

  1. Plug Gauge

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As the essential instrument for the standardized testing of holes, plug gauge may be not only used to check the position, measure the size of holes, or inspect the distance between holes, but also used as stop-pass gauge and to measure the depth of holes. With the precision of 0.001mm, plug gauge uses the internationally advanced laser detector to detect the pieces, and is widely used in various cutting-edge technology fields including the manufacturing of molds and fine mechanics.

  1. Coordinate Measuring Machine

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In May 2014, AN-PROTOTYPE invested over RMB400,000 to purchase the high-performance Hexagon Leitz PMA measuring instruments. Leitz PMA coordinate measuring machine not only collects data rapidly, but also has a high measuring accuracy and the ability to detect the pieces in complex shapes. Leitz PMM-C has become the universal measurement center in the true sense, with the maximum measuring accuracy of 0.02μm.

  1. Spectrometer

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AN-PROTOTYPE invested RMB120,000 to purchase Olympus Innov-X handheld spectrometer, a spectral analytical instrument based on XRF spectral analysis, which may convert the characteristic spectral light signal of X-ray of samples into the measurable electrical signal to obtain the characteristic information of the test samples, thus detecting the inner elements of the samples.

  1. Height Caliper

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With the measurement accuracy of 0.001mm, height caliper (also known as the height vernier caliper) is mainly used to measure the height of the pieces, and it is also often used to measure the position tolerance of shapes and positions.

  1. Shore Hardness Gauge

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Shore hardness gauge is widely used to measure the hardness of rubbers and plastics, which is characterized by simple structure, easy to use, small volume and light weight, and intuitive readings. It can be either handheld or installed on the supporting given-load shelves of the same type for determination.


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