An-prototype provides the most advanced CNC Parts Machining Service

The CNC Parts Machining is applicable for the manufacturing of products with their number from 1 to several hundreds. Operations of milling, cutting, etc. are made on a whole piece of material with a machine tool whose programs are controlled by a computer. CNC parts machining is one popular pattern of CNC machining. An-prototype, as the best product prototype company in China with a large number of cases, has a wealthy experience of CNC parts machining, we can manufacture auto parts, medical equipment parts, toy parts, digital components, etc.




AN-Prototype has been engaging in manufacturing high-quality products and providing intimate services. The Company has introduced 14 sets of tri-axial high-speed processing equipment, as well as professional engineers, letting us capable of providing precise CNC shaped products. While making great investment on the hardware equipment, our company attaches more importance to the talent cultivation. The technical director of AN-Prototype, with his international perspective, has been continuously absorbing advanced technical experience in the industry, and also makes periodic internal training.




Accuracy, which is not an intrinsic property of the CNC equipment, depends on the correct operational method and reasonably-formulated processing technology. AN-Prototype is adept at processing small accessories, and also has rich experience in the processing large parts as well as parts with complicated structures. Secondary treating can be made on the 3D data of large parts or parts with fairly complicated structures by the engineers of AN-Prototype, and the parts will be disassembled into several sub-parts for batchprocessing, and then the sub-parts will be jointed into a complete part with professional assembly equipment and also will be detected with a precise three-coordinate measuring machine. The method of processing after the disassembling of the part into sub-parts is able to greatly reduce the processing time and avoid deformation errors engendered from direct processing of large pieces of material, so that the accuracy of the products can be improved. AN-Prototype can say that it is an expert in this respect. This processing of CNC Parts is especially applicable for the automobile, medicine and electronics fields.

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