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How Can Prototype Company Save Your Company?

Prototyping companies that focus on the products, requirements and gathering practices, they always conquer. If you require a professional or intricate prototype, we are regarded as one of the trusted product prototype company. As an industrial design firm in your region, we will put together all your material or product using a 3D printer will develop a prototype for you.


How can prototypes save your company?

Prototyping is the key to efficient requirements capture, critical to bringing software projects in on time and on budget. It helps you in saving a great amount of money and time, in additionto that, it helps you with clarity of communication, tightening scope and shared understanding of defining requirements.

Product prototype company helps in building a product on time and costs which were 50-70% lesser than the traditional form of actual manufacturing. The amount of rework and bug fixes post launch was reduced to 25% than the similar previous projects. It gives you the privilege to requests for clarification by the development team was reduced by 80%.

What is the benefit of software prototyping?

Prototyping is a more or less effective approach to gather software requirements when compared with other more traditional approaches. In addition, by piecing together the results of the model design, we can make some useful estimates around the efficiency gains with prototyping. It makes the case strong with the use of software and fulfils the need to use prototyping as an approach, and that the benefits far outweigh the cost.

We manufacture in small batches and if we find out any problem or you do find any issues, we fill the demand and acquire customers profitably. It’s important to be able to pivot and change without having to throw out a whole bunch of units. We don’t want to finish a prototype with inventory that you can’t use.

Several Tips on Choosing a Product Prototype Company

Prototype products get widely used in manufacturing industry, but it seems difficult to find a credible product prototype company. Here shared some tips on how to choose a product prototype company.

product prototype company

Professional team

If you want to know if the company is professional in its business, you need to know if it has a professional team. Any company, large or small, should have a  professional team, in the team, everyone do his own job can help finish the job successfully. Then it is important to have a professional team in a company.

Successful case

It is true that freshman can’t get the trust from people easily because no practices can be referred to. It is the same case with a company. Previous successful cases can help get trust easily from the clients.

User experience

User experience also means client evaluation, if you have never cooperated with a company, the direct way to know the company is to have user experience. Only yourself take part in it, you can know better about the company.

Complete quality control and quality testing system

During production process, both the quality control and quality testing system are important, after we got the product, we also need to have a test, only then the test is qualified, the product can be come into use.

Hope you can gain something on choosing product prototype company from the above tips.

5 Inspecting Equipment to Ensure Us Meeting the Customers’ Accuracy Requirement

In order to meet the customers’ accuracy requirement, AN-PROTOTYPE, as the leading product prototype company, has made great investment in its Quality Inspection Department and equipped a series of advanced inspecting equipment, including a coordinate measuring machine of Hexagon, a Sweden corporation, height gauge, micrometer, plug gauge, etc., so as to enhance the measurement accuracy to ±0.01 mm. The Company will take quality examination in every working procedure, and the inspectors with rich experience use perfect and reliable inspecting methods and standards to ensure the effectiveness of our quality system. AN-PROTOTYPE products are able to sustainably satisfy the requirements of customers which are being enhanced continuously, thus obtaining respect from our customers.

  1. Plug Gauge

product prototype company

As the essential instrument for the standardized testing of holes, plug gauge may be not only used to check the position, measure the size of holes, or inspect the distance between holes, but also used as stop-pass gauge and to measure the depth of holes. With the precision of 0.001mm, plug gauge uses the internationally advanced laser detector to detect the pieces, and is widely used in various cutting-edge technology fields including the manufacturing of molds and fine mechanics.

  1. Coordinate Measuring Machine

product prototype company

In May 2014, AN-PROTOTYPE invested over RMB400,000 to purchase the high-performance Hexagon Leitz PMA measuring instruments. Leitz PMA coordinate measuring machine not only collects data rapidly, but also has a high measuring accuracy and the ability to detect the pieces in complex shapes. Leitz PMM-C has become the universal measurement center in the true sense, with the maximum measuring accuracy of 0.02μm.

  1. Spectrometer

product prototype company

AN-PROTOTYPE invested RMB120,000 to purchase Olympus Innov-X handheld spectrometer, a spectral analytical instrument based on XRF spectral analysis, which may convert the characteristic spectral light signal of X-ray of samples into the measurable electrical signal to obtain the characteristic information of the test samples, thus detecting the inner elements of the samples.

  1. Height Caliper

product prototype company

With the measurement accuracy of 0.001mm, height caliper (also known as the height vernier caliper) is mainly used to measure the height of the pieces, and it is also often used to measure the position tolerance of shapes and positions.

  1. Shore Hardness Gauge

product prototype company

Shore hardness gauge is widely used to measure the hardness of rubbers and plastics, which is characterized by simple structure, easy to use, small volume and light weight, and intuitive readings. It can be either handheld or installed on the supporting given-load shelves of the same type for determination.


Why Are Product Prototype Company In Demand?

The term ‘prototype” is a fairly generic concept which can be used with anything but what does product prototype company do? They run the spectrum from sketches on a white board to high fidelity, interactive models. Software is the ultimate prototypical form which helps in finalizing even the unfinished products but merely an approximation of the ideal design solution.


Prototyping being one of the most useful inventions of our time, it is great for clearing all your doubts. Any time you want to learn about the fit or misfit between a proposed design solution, with the help of this device you can understand the mistakes and benefits of the product to develop better. With each type of prototype, the goal is to learn, so you will take the form created and test it. Test it with your coworkers.

Why Prototypes Are In So Much Of Demand?

  • You can analyze the product in detail, question critically, grasp and understand your technical area in no time
  • You can specify a comprehensive and homogenous client solution matched exactly to your needs and reveal possible future scenarios
  • You can collect the requirements, reveal the connections and constructively identify gaps
  • While you work on the specifications, you can be developing the software simultaneously and create a practical solution and stay within the agreed implementation time

Prototype software go through a similar flow of prototyping as the products go through, so it can be helpful to think of prototyping as a defining process of software building. Test it with customers. Test it against your own design intuition. With the help of the software, you can define the product using masks, processes and interfaces in an understandable way. You can make use of flipcharts, graphics and screenshots to keep the pointers to yourself.

Thus, Product prototype company is increasingly getting higher demands because they create the evolutionary prototypes with potential for highly available enterprise applications.

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Rapid Prototyping

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How Does Product Prototype Company Deal With The Final Product?

The final product is that destination for which the whole thing is worked on for months and years, just to make the final product perfect. Now, is there any measure to understand whether the final product is upto the mark? Yes, there are many but it varies for almost every product in style and pattern. The product prototype company is the professional who understands the quality and low quality product through their quality control measures.

The prototype companies are very much trusted when it comes to the product manufacturing process because they are the professionals who understand the minute details of the product from the very beginning. When it comes to research and development of a product, prototyping approach is a great technique to check whether the product is designed as error free or not. The professionals from prototype companies always rely on evaluation, testing and refinement processes to check the quality and functionality of the products.

Rapid Prototyping

Production of final product with accuracy in design, quality and performance is quite difficult for the manufacturer no matter what the product is. Prototypes help the manufacturers to test the product design before the final production and help the professionals to find all the possible problems caused due to the design errors. The prototypes are the newest technology to help the manufacturers design the product and then customize the product time to time if it does ensure the right performance.

The manufacturers are relieved by the process of product prototype company as they do not wait for the end to come, they start working at the very beginning. The process of prototyping takes time and effort and it also needs to be done during or before the final manufacturing process. This helps in saving a lot of time, effort and most importantly money.

Product Prototype Company

The cost to create a prototype for analyzing the design is not that much when compared to the entire manufacturing process. If you choose the right prototype company, you can create a prototype of the product within few hours instead of few days. The prototype is made with the use of CAD data and 3D printing. A number of rapid prototyping forms are available to choose as per your needs. You can reliably check the correctness and efficiency of a product’s design before large scale production.

The process of prototyping is important to analyze a product’s design before its final products. With rapid prototyping, you can revise the design of your product as per your requirement and can find all the possible errors in the desire. The product prototype company understands the risk of manufacturing any product over and over, therefore, they entirely check on the process and keeps on upgrading the machine or product during the process for better. Make sure to choose the right product prototype company as they can make you or break you.


Product Prototype Company: Makes Animated Designing Dream Come True

Design is a process where you build habit-forming products that people love. 3D design is always welcomed and especially on this day and age. After a great deal of experimentation as product prototype company, we are constantly experimenting with tools and processes in an attempt to find the one that works best. The perfect design workflow that we follow is not too complicated if organized perfectly.


Prototyping is a format which is very crucial to any project as it can give any product the final touch if atleast everything else is fine. The sample products created by prototyping can help you find the mistakes in the design and analyze a product’s design before its final manufacturing process begins. We, as a renowned prototype company understand the risk of manufacturing any product over and over. Thus, we entirely check on the process and keeps on upgrading the machine or product during the process for better.

Firstly, you need to get the design on paper and start drawing some shapes. Your next step is to take photos of your sketches on your smart phone or laptop and you can test your prototype. Then make wireframes as sketches are never enough. Wireframes are a must 100% of the time. Now export those wires to PNGs and import them into the prototype application so you can share them with your team.

With rapid prototyping, you can revise the design of your product as per your requirement and can find all the possible errors in the desire. Make sure to choose the right product prototype company as they can make you or break you. When it comes to the product manufacturing process, prototype company is what you should rely on as they are the professionals who understand the minute details of the product from the very beginning.

Product Prototype Company Brings Out The Precision

Computer Aided Design (CAD) software is now the default tool for drawing perfectly rendered objects on a computer screen, which are then transferred to a manufacturer to make the actual part. Software programs are capable of drawing dimensions that are far more accurate and product prototype company helps in exacting which can be achieved by machine tools and materials in the real world.

It is true that when you are a professional and you test all the designs, you tend to make a quick judgement and release the product for manufacturing process. But what about the words like “accuracy” and “precision” when we’re talking about how parts are made and how closely they come to the ideal generated on the computer?


Production of final product with accuracy in design, quality and performance is quite difficult for the manufacturer no matter what the product is. A manufacturer should always conduct evaluation, testing and refinement processes to check the quality and functionality of the products. Prototypes help the manufacturers to test the product design before the final production and help the professionals to find all the possible problems caused due to the design errors.

There was a time, when these processes used to take much longer time and cost to create a prototype for analyzing the design. Now-a-days on the other hand, in the era of Numerically Controlled (CNC) Machining, creating a prototype has become a speedy task. When it comes to research and development of a product, prototyping approach is a great technique to check whether the product is designed as error free or not.

A number of product prototype company avail you several options to choose service as per your needs. The forms are differentiated as per their methods that are used to make a prototype. With Rapid Prototyping China, the professionals can create a prototype within few hours instead of few days. It saves wastage of manpower, materials and production cost of a manufacturer.

7 Areas SUPPORT AN-PROTOTYPE TO PROVIDE THE BEST rapid prototyped products

AN-PROTOTYPE Co., Ltd. is a product prototype company providing Rapid Prototyped Products, SLA, SLS, CNC Machining, Vacuum Casting, Plastic Injection Molding, Reaction Injection Molding, Finishing Services, Quality Inspection. Our headquarters located at the World Trade Center of Hong Kong, and our factory situated in the Guangming New Area of Shenzhen. The plant with more than 65 staff covers an area of 3,000 square meters, which is divided into 7 areas: SLA&SLS area,CNC machining area, vacuum casting area, Reaction Injection Molding area, plastic injection molding area, finishing services area, quality inspection area.


CNC Machining Area

product prototype company

CNC areas plant covers an area of 800 square meters. It equips more than 30 units processing equipment, of which 14 CNC machines, 8 lathes, 8 other equipment.


Vacuum Casting Area

product prototype company

Vacuum casting plant covers 500 square meters with 3 vacuum injection machines and 3 baking machines.


Plastic Injection Molding Area

product prototype company

Plastic injection molding area plant covers an area of 800 square meters with 11 plastic injection molding equipment in total.


Reaction Injection Molding Area

product prototype company

Reaction injection molding area plant covers an area of 400 square meters equipping 8 reaction injection molding equipment.


Quality Inspection Area

product prototype company

Quality inspection area plant covers an area of 200 square meters and the total of quality inspection area equipment is 5.


Finishing Services Area

product prototype company







Finishing services area plant covers an area of 300 square meters with 24 finishing equipment.


More information about AN-PROTOTYPE, please visit

Supply a variety of high quality finishing services by


As a professional Chinese product prototype company, AN- PROTOTYPE Corporation is able to provide many finishing services such as wiredrawing, silk printing, electro -gilding, cladding, laser etching, anodizing, sand blast and vacuum plating. In brief, we can meet all your technology requirements.



product prototype company

Surface brushing is a post-treatment means to form cord design on the surface of articles by grinding to the decorative effect, which may embody the texture of metallic materials. This process is usually used for the production of a variety of logos on the panel of household appliances, the peripheral and panel of various digital products, and the panel of notebooks. The commonly used materials are at the thickness of 0.125, 0.175, 0.254, 0.38, 0.5, 0.8, or 1.0mm, with the transmittance of 90%.




Polishing refers to processing method to reduce the surface roughness of pieces with mechanical, chemical or electrochemical effects to obtain a bright and smooth surface. The pieces are generally finished and processed with polishing wheel and abrasive particles or other polishing media for the purpose of smooth surface or objective gloss.


Electroplating is the process that a thin layer of certain metals or alloys are plated on the surface of other metals in the electrolysis principle, which uses the electrolysis to make metal or other materials attached with a layer of the metal film, so as to prevent the metal from oxidizing (rusting for example), to improve the wear resistance, electrical conductivity, reflectivity, anti-corrosion (copper sulfate, etc.), and to increase the aesthetics.




Anodic oxidation is the process that aluminum and its alloys form a layer of oxidation film due to the role of the applied current under the corresponding electrolyte and specific process conditions. The oxidized material is aluminum alloy 6061 in the color determined by such swatches provided by our customers. Abrasive blasting shall be conducted prior to the oxidation generally. In addition, magnesium alloy and zinc alloy may also be oxidized.


Laser Engraving


Also known as laser etching or laser marking, laser engraving uses laser beams to engrave permanent patterns on the surface of materials or inside the transparent materials. Laser engraving may be used in various cases without being restricted by shapes. Deformation may occur when engraving on a large arc. This process may also remove the paint on the surface of transparent parts to make the characters light, but laser engraving is not available to flexible glues.


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