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Rapid Prototyping China- An Innovative Approach for Easy Reconstruction of Models

The effectiveness and capability to reconstruct items utilizing rapid prototyping technique has made a radical change in many ways. One example would be the Buddha of Infinite Light, Amida. This is a carved figure made of wood and lacquered. Believed to have originated in the 13th century, it is a wonderful piece of art that tells us much about the earlier cultures. However, the Buddha is believed to have originally been adorned with a necklace, topknot and crown.

The Buddha was the inspiration it took to build another one using rapid prototyping. Adding the missing adornments was one of the purposes for doing this. The reconstructed Buddha was made using 0.1 mm layers and was based on 3D scanning at close range. In addition, digital modeling was used and the end result was the Buddha with the accessories that were believed to be missing.

The use of selective laser sintering made the reconstruction process possible and allowed very high definition. It was constructed in one piece. The original is displayed at the World Culture Gallery in Liverpool. Other sculptors have used the technological advances made in the world of rapid prototyping in China to make other intricately detailed pieces for displaying in art galleries the world over.

Using computer aided design (CAD) to acquire the designs of the object for rapid prototyping, the layers are broken down. This is the model that is used to create the nearly identical physical model. By reassembling the layers, the user is thus allowed to create the layers that are required to reconstruct the actual model. They are then assembled to get the desired shape.

Using the methods of rapid prototyping models normally can be produced in a matter of hours. This does however; depend on the number of models being produced at the same time and the size of the model. The delicate designs and the detail of the model that is made are important aspects that must be kept in mind. Furthermore, the machine that is used may have a greater influence on the time taken to make the model.

Rapid prototyping in China is not always rapid. As you can see, there are many factors that have an effect on the time it takes to construct a form using this method. There are many companies in the technological field that are available for rapid prototyping. The big difference is the method used to build the layers when creating the model.

The boundary that exists between the CAD software and the machine being used is the STL file format. This is what predicts the shape of the model with the use of facets that are triangular in shape. The smallest facets generate the best quality. While some technologies use a softening or melting process to generate the layers, there are others that use liquids such as thermosets that have already been cured.

One of the types of rapid prototype china is freeform fabrication. With this method the use of two materials – one for constructing the model and one for the support – is used and the support material is later dismantled. With the use of rapid prototyping it is possible to automatically construct objects using the technology of additive manufacturing. This allows the creation of two objects – one virtual and one physical – that are typically identical. Using this fairly new technology the sky is the limit.

The Workflow And Collaboration Of Prototype Company

Prototyping is a bundle of technique which avails your product, design or model to be tested before manufacturing or launching to the market. It is not a much lengthy process but this technique can really help your product to do the best in the market when launched.

Every product prototype company helps in crafting various materials like plastics and metals, etc. into models that represent the product concept. Prototyping model also gives you the opportunity to convince any producer or investors to have faith in the concept very easily because you already go with a working prototype.

Prototyping technology has the fantastic ability to hold, feel, and test as many product prototypes you need to finalise the apt product which is fully functional and safe in every which way. Rapid prototyping has decreased the need for conventional casting, molding, or machining in the manufacturing process. The process is very effective as it quickly fabricates a conceived object or product with the help of three-dimensional (3D) and computer-aided design data (CAD).

The 3D and CAD technology helps uploading to a special machine or printer that swiftly constructs the required component. 3D Printing being a emerging technology is used in most of the cases for rapid prototyping technique. This technique is widely practiced by product prototype company that designs and develop mechanical, electromechanical, electronic, medical device, sports and other complex products.

Prototyping is a resourceful tool to build prototypes of product in a faster and more efficient way. Due to its ability to construct an object or product quickly with the help of computer data, the concept efficiently helps convincing the potential stakeholders and manufacturers. By being able to develop the conceived item swiftly, it is quickly becoming an important standard in the new product development process.

Although not the core part of the product manufacturing but rapid prototyping helps in shaping and reshape the approach towards new product manufacturing.


Why Go For A Product Prototype Company?

What is prototyping?

Prototyping is a well-designed product design and development method to gain early insight into technical feasibility, user needs and market preferences. This technology is used in various fields from mechanical engineering to software development. This technology helps in creating partial realizations of a planned product by soliciting feedback from various stakeholders, such as end users, engineers, developers, marketers and domain experts.

The ultimate goal of the product prototype company is to minimize risks arising from implementation, production, market acceptance or product value by understanding the potential problems early on the designing process. It enables the inventor to actually touch the perceived product and allows performing various tests and making necessary changes to the final product.

What Prototypes Can Offer?

Quality improvement: With multiple rounds of evaluation during the prototype designs can lead to huge improvements in product quality, value and efficiency. Therefore, the final manufacturing of products will result on support costs and great market success.

Marketing value: Some of the most time-consuming activities occur at the end of the implementation stage, while you create a design it might seem perfect on paper but not in reality. So, with the help of this technology, you will be able to rectify those mistakes because of incomplete or unclear specifications. The more feedback and testing occurs, the more specification-solution gaps are resolved.

Cost savings: Prototyping allows users and other stakeholders to participate in the product design process. Therefore, at the very early stage of the design process all the problems are resolved and it costs much lesser than manufacturing the product altogether.

Apart from the reduction of project risk, product prototype company also avails validation, which is the common additional advantage of working with prototypes. Since prototypes are often comparatively inexpensive to produce, you can create and compare several possible designs to refine the product design as well.


How Can Prototype Company Save Your Company?

Prototyping companies that focus on the products, requirements and gathering practices, they always conquer. If you require a professional or intricate prototype, we are regarded as one of the trusted product prototype company. As an industrial design firm in your region, we will put together all your material or product using a 3D printer will develop a prototype for you.


How can prototypes save your company?

Prototyping is the key to efficient requirements capture, critical to bringing software projects in on time and on budget. It helps you in saving a great amount of money and time, in additionto that, it helps you with clarity of communication, tightening scope and shared understanding of defining requirements.

Product prototype company helps in building a product on time and costs which were 50-70% lesser than the traditional form of actual manufacturing. The amount of rework and bug fixes post launch was reduced to 25% than the similar previous projects. It gives you the privilege to requests for clarification by the development team was reduced by 80%.

What is the benefit of software prototyping?

Prototyping is a more or less effective approach to gather software requirements when compared with other more traditional approaches. In addition, by piecing together the results of the model design, we can make some useful estimates around the efficiency gains with prototyping. It makes the case strong with the use of software and fulfils the need to use prototyping as an approach, and that the benefits far outweigh the cost.

We manufacture in small batches and if we find out any problem or you do find any issues, we fill the demand and acquire customers profitably. It’s important to be able to pivot and change without having to throw out a whole bunch of units. We don’t want to finish a prototype with inventory that you can’t use.

Why Are Product Prototype Company In Demand?

The term ‘prototype” is a fairly generic concept which can be used with anything but what does product prototype company do? They run the spectrum from sketches on a white board to high fidelity, interactive models. Software is the ultimate prototypical form which helps in finalizing even the unfinished products but merely an approximation of the ideal design solution.


Prototyping being one of the most useful inventions of our time, it is great for clearing all your doubts. Any time you want to learn about the fit or misfit between a proposed design solution, with the help of this device you can understand the mistakes and benefits of the product to develop better. With each type of prototype, the goal is to learn, so you will take the form created and test it. Test it with your coworkers.

Why Prototypes Are In So Much Of Demand?

  • You can analyze the product in detail, question critically, grasp and understand your technical area in no time
  • You can specify a comprehensive and homogenous client solution matched exactly to your needs and reveal possible future scenarios
  • You can collect the requirements, reveal the connections and constructively identify gaps
  • While you work on the specifications, you can be developing the software simultaneously and create a practical solution and stay within the agreed implementation time

Prototype software go through a similar flow of prototyping as the products go through, so it can be helpful to think of prototyping as a defining process of software building. Test it with customers. Test it against your own design intuition. With the help of the software, you can define the product using masks, processes and interfaces in an understandable way. You can make use of flipcharts, graphics and screenshots to keep the pointers to yourself.

Thus, Product prototype company is increasingly getting higher demands because they create the evolutionary prototypes with potential for highly available enterprise applications.

Product Prototype Company: Makes Animated Designing Dream Come True

Design is a process where you build habit-forming products that people love. 3D design is always welcomed and especially on this day and age. After a great deal of experimentation as product prototype company, we are constantly experimenting with tools and processes in an attempt to find the one that works best. The perfect design workflow that we follow is not too complicated if organized perfectly.


Prototyping is a format which is very crucial to any project as it can give any product the final touch if atleast everything else is fine. The sample products created by prototyping can help you find the mistakes in the design and analyze a product’s design before its final manufacturing process begins. We, as a renowned prototype company understand the risk of manufacturing any product over and over. Thus, we entirely check on the process and keeps on upgrading the machine or product during the process for better.

Firstly, you need to get the design on paper and start drawing some shapes. Your next step is to take photos of your sketches on your smart phone or laptop and you can test your prototype. Then make wireframes as sketches are never enough. Wireframes are a must 100% of the time. Now export those wires to PNGs and import them into the prototype application so you can share them with your team.

With rapid prototyping, you can revise the design of your product as per your requirement and can find all the possible errors in the desire. Make sure to choose the right product prototype company as they can make you or break you. When it comes to the product manufacturing process, prototype company is what you should rely on as they are the professionals who understand the minute details of the product from the very beginning.

Product Prototype Company Brings Out The Precision

Computer Aided Design (CAD) software is now the default tool for drawing perfectly rendered objects on a computer screen, which are then transferred to a manufacturer to make the actual part. Software programs are capable of drawing dimensions that are far more accurate and product prototype company helps in exacting which can be achieved by machine tools and materials in the real world.

It is true that when you are a professional and you test all the designs, you tend to make a quick judgement and release the product for manufacturing process. But what about the words like “accuracy” and “precision” when we’re talking about how parts are made and how closely they come to the ideal generated on the computer?


Production of final product with accuracy in design, quality and performance is quite difficult for the manufacturer no matter what the product is. A manufacturer should always conduct evaluation, testing and refinement processes to check the quality and functionality of the products. Prototypes help the manufacturers to test the product design before the final production and help the professionals to find all the possible problems caused due to the design errors.

There was a time, when these processes used to take much longer time and cost to create a prototype for analyzing the design. Now-a-days on the other hand, in the era of Numerically Controlled (CNC) Machining, creating a prototype has become a speedy task. When it comes to research and development of a product, prototyping approach is a great technique to check whether the product is designed as error free or not.

A number of product prototype company avail you several options to choose service as per your needs. The forms are differentiated as per their methods that are used to make a prototype. With Rapid Prototyping China, the professionals can create a prototype within few hours instead of few days. It saves wastage of manpower, materials and production cost of a manufacturer.