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Top 5 PPC Competitors for Product Prototype Company in Nov, 2016


Rapid Prototyping


Here are the top 5 PPC competitors for product prototype company in Nov, 2016:



Invention Idea Design – Develop and Prototype an Idea‎ ‎

Innovative design process from concept to product launch. Talk to us today



PRG Prototyping | Engineering, Prototypes, Product Development

PRG Prototyping is a High Quality Product Development firm that specializes in producing prototypesfor plastic, metal, electronics and textile products.



Product Prototype Company, CNC Parts, Rapid Prototyping China

AN Prototype, Product Prototype Company offers prototype manufacturing, CNC prototyping, CNC parts, CNC aluminum, rapid prototyping, plastic injection molding



Prototype & Manufacturing Company – Star Prototype

We are a rapid prototyping, tooling, and low volume manufacturing company that uses 3D printing, CNC machining, and more, to turn concepts into reality.



RP Prototype to Production

The reality is very few prototyping companies around the world have any systems in place to protect your intellectual property.


Strict Guidelines Of Prototype Company

The goal of a prototype is to evaluate an idea. The goal is basically to manufacture a machine which is completely capable of fulfilling the needs. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to conduct a research before the actual process and therefore, the prototype is set up. What the prototype does is evaluate the whole working system of the machine and find out which design will work the best. When you go to the product prototype company, the professionals create a prototype or sample within few hours instead of few days or months. Continue reading Strict Guidelines Of Prototype Company

An-prototype provides the most advanced CNC Parts Machining Service

The CNC Parts Machining is applicable for the manufacturing of products with their number from 1 to several hundreds. Operations of milling, cutting, etc. are made on a whole piece of material with a machine tool whose programs are controlled by a computer. CNC parts machining is one popular pattern of CNC machining. An-prototype, as the best product prototype company in China with a large number of cases, has a wealthy experience of CNC parts machining, we can manufacture auto parts, medical equipment parts, toy parts, digital components, etc. Continue reading An-prototype provides the most advanced CNC Parts Machining Service

Recommend Fine SLA Technology Products Provided by AN-PROTOTYPE



What is the SLA (stereolithography) Technology? It is a fast molding method which has been studied most deeply with the most mature techniques and widest application. The process of SLA is that use a laser beam controlled by the computer to make point-by-point scanning of the surface of the photosensitive resin material, and the resin folium of the scanning area will go through photopolymerization and then become solidified, thus forming a thin layer on the accessory. Then, use the workbench to move downward a short distance equal to the layer thickness to re-apply a new layer of liquid resin on the resin surface which has been solidified so as to make scanning and processing of the next layer. At last, do the procedures above-mentioned over and over again till the completion of the production of the whole accessory. SLA can be used to make accessories with complex shapes and fine structures, and many parts that are not able to be processed with CNC can be done rapidly by SLA, which greatly reduces the workload.


The advantages of the SLA rapid prototyping technology mainly include:

  1. Ultraviolet laser focusing, with the spot diameter of less than 0.15 mm.
  2. High molding precision, thus being able to shaping fine structures (such as finger ring, artware, etc.);
  3. Making accessories with any complicated structures (such as hollow parts);
  4. Highly polished surface (Surface Ra<0.1μm);
  5. High automatization in the molding process and simple post treatment (point supporting and easy removing);
  6. The material utilization ration of more than 95%.


As the leading product prototype company in China, AN-PROTOTYPE adopts SLA technology and is able to provide SLA molded products at the top level. We have professional mechanists and hard-working staff with the most advanced rapid prototyping machine and equipments. Meanwhile, we are cautious to the quality of our products, which will be checked by details even a little screw before deliver to customers. If you want to know more about AN-PROTOTYPE and our rapid prototyping technology, please visit

Provide Good Quality Plastic Injection Molding Products




What is Plastic Injection Molding? Under a certain temperature, the plastic material is completely molten and stirred with a threaded rod, then is injected into the die cavity with a high pressure injector, then cooled and solidified, and then a molded product is obtained.


The advantages of Plastic Injection Molding are that it can be used to make high-speed and high-efficiency production as well as automatized operation, and there are various product varieties, designs and shapes, from simple to complex, from big to small. In addition, products are of high dimension accuracy, and those with complicated shapes can also be molded. This method can be applied to the fields of mass production and molding and processing of products of any shapes, which is one of the important processing methods.


AN-PROTOTYPE, as the best product prototype company in China, possesses advanced injection molding technology, professional engineers and hi-tech equipments, which let us be capable of providing high-standard injection molded products. Our purpose is providing top quality services.

Offer high accuracy Reaction Injection Molding (RIM)




AN-PROTOTYPE Corporation provides you a low-pressure perfusion technology, which is new and can be applied to rapid casting production. This technology has advantages of high-efficiency, short production cycle, simple process and low cost, and can be used to the mass production of covering parts with simple structures and thick walls or non-uniform walls. When producing the large-size products with the production quantity from 100 to 5000+, AN-PROTOTYPE Corporation, the most professional product prototype company, suggests that you may adopt the method of low-pressure perfusion, which can ensure the accuracy of the dimension of the bulk-production items. The Reaction Injection Molding process infuses the mixed two-component polyurethane material into the mould to let the material form a molded article through chemical or physical processes, including aggregation, cross bonding, solidification, etc.


Reaction Injection Molding Technical Parameters:

There are various kinds of selectable moulds. The selectable moulds of AN-PROTOTYPE Corporation includes ABS mould (more than 100 pieces), resin mould (more than 300 pieces) and aluminum alloy mould (more than 1000 pieces)

There are various poured materials.  AN-Prototype Corporation selects materials from French AXSON, Japanese DCPD, and domestic HD.AN-PROTOTYPE Corporation possesses rich experience in Reaction Injection Molding, and is capable of accurately controlling the pouring amount and flow velocity. We have a complete standard operation procedure, and strictly control the operational parameters of each link of the process.


The Reaction Injection Molding has high molding accuracy:

  1. Standard duplication accuracy: ±0.20 mm/100 mm;

2. The optimal thickness of the cast product is 4 to 6 mm, and the maximum thickness is 30 mm.;

3. The maximum dimension of the cast product is 2000 mm × 1200 mm × 1000 mm, with the weight of 10 kg.


The Reaction Injection Molding can be applied in the following fields:

  1. Car model and accessories

2. Housing of medical equipments

3. Toys and Digital products

4. Household electrical appliances

5. Fitness equipment

Supply Low-cost and High-quality Vacuum Casting services




The vacuum casting technology is one of the rapidest PU molding techniques, featuring high accuracy and short production cycle. If the number of your bulk-production items is from 5 to 100+, vacuum casting technology has no better alternative. The vacuum casting procedure is a multi-step fine engineering process. In short, the procedure of this technology is as follow: make the silastic mould under the vacuum state with the original SLA or CNC prototype through making precise processing of the surface, pour the liquid silica gel material, and cast duplicates which are the same as the prototype after the silica gel is solidified.


Vacuum casting technology is widely applied to the molding field for its cheaper cost, quicker delivery cycle and fairly lower risk coefficient and its capability of greatly reducing the cost in product development, therefore being suitable for small-lot production. This technology has the following advantages:

1. The delivery cycle is rapid, and each mould can be used to cast 15-20 duplicate PU products according to the product structure;

2. This technology can be applied to small-lot production;

3. Various properties of the product can be achieved with the vacuum casting technology, such as high tenacity, shock resistance, transparency, rich colors, nice texture, etc.


AN-PROTOTYPE is a leading product prototype company which can provide low-cost and high-quality vacuum casting services. We possess rich technological experience and advanced technical equipment, and have made an important contribution to the development of the world manufacturing industry. Want to know more about our rapid prototyped products, please visit

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Top 5 inquiries about AN- Prototype Rapid Prototyping




AN-PROTOTYPE rapid prototyping co., LTD, as a reliable product prototype company in China, received inquiries about Rapid Prototyping from all over the world almost every day. We select top 5 of them to share with you today.



Name: P*** D***
Email: P***.d***@****
Date: 2016-10-09 04:15:58
Message: We have built a prototype 3D plastic assembly and would now like to move to more professional molded parts. Can you please quote on the components shown in the attached drawing? We initially expect to require ongoing quantities of at least 100 assemblies per quarter. We would like the material to be a plastic that is UV stable, preferably mat black and it must be strong enough to not break the ‘shoe’ shaped assembly locking tabs that hold it all together. We would initially want a small run of about 5 units to evaluate quality. Can you provide quotes for a quantity of 5 and also for 100? There are 9 parts per assembly but only 8 components. There is a separate tab for each component at the top of the file. Look forward to your reply. P***
Country: Australia



Name: M*** Y***
Email: M***@****.com
Date: 2016-10-08 08:58:53
Message: We are looking for production of robotic part with high precision. CNC milling or 3D printing. Part is going to produced at least 4 units from aluminum (6082 or 7075 class AL). We are newly established R&D company, could you please make discount as high as possible.
Country: Turkey



Name: M*** T***
Email: m***@****.com
Date: 2016-10-07 22:33:43
Message: Hello, Please find attached a ZIP file with drawings and solid models for quotation. Please quote one complete set (one (1) each of each part shown). Material: 5052 Aluminum, black anodize finish one part – “speaker_cover_00” = steel perforated sheet. Thank you, M*** T*** S*** Design Wichita, Kansas 67207 m***@****.com tel: 316-777-****
Country: United States



Name: A*** b***
Email: A***@****.com
Date: 2016-10-06 16:45:45
Message: Dear, sir. Here attached the 2 parts we need. You can find pdf, stp files; these 2 parts are going together. Material: 7075 T6 Waiting your offer. Best regards B.A***
Country: France



Name: R*** C***
Email: R***@****.ca
Date: 2016-10-05 07:03:39
Message: Hi, could you please provide a quote for the attached model for the following quantities: CNC machined 1qty 5qty 100qty Investment cast: 100qtz 200qty Material: polished Stainless steel OR polished chrome plated brass Looking forward to the quote, thank you! R***
Country: Canada


If you are interested in our products or have any questions, your inquiry is also welcome! There are countless product prototype companies in the world, but AN-PROTOTYPE must be the most reputable and professional one!

Top 5 Product Prototype Companies in Asia





Today, I will share the top 5 product prototype companies in Asia with you. Hope it will be helpful when you are choosing a product prototype company.



Location: Mie, Japan

Main Products: Car prototype, Plastic Prototype, Precision plastic parts, Japan auto spare parts, Jig



  1. Imaginarium India Pvt. Ltd.

Location: Maharashtra, India

Main Products: Rapid Prototyping Services, Vacuum Casting Services, Rapid Prototyping in SLA Process, Rapid Prototyping in SLS Process, Silicon Rubber Molding Services



  1. Shen Zhen AN-Prototype Co., Ltd

Location: Shenzhen, China

Main Products: Rapid Prototyped Products, SLA, SLS, CNC Machining, Vacuum Casting, Plastic Injection Molding, Reaction Injection Molding, Finishing Services, Quality Inspection



  1. Luxform Rapid Prototyping Co., Ltd.

Location: Hong Kong

Main Products: RP service, RP machine



  1. Maxsome Technologies

Location: Pahang, Malaysia

Main Products: Rapid Prototyping, Rapid Tooling, CAD Design, Tool Fabrication, Reverse Engineering