Provide Good Quality Plastic Injection Molding Products




What is Plastic Injection Molding? Under a certain temperature, the plastic material is completely molten and stirred with a threaded rod, then is injected into the die cavity with a high pressure injector, then cooled and solidified, and then a molded product is obtained.


The advantages of Plastic Injection Molding are that it can be used to make high-speed and high-efficiency production as well as automatized operation, and there are various product varieties, designs and shapes, from simple to complex, from big to small. In addition, products are of high dimension accuracy, and those with complicated shapes can also be molded. This method can be applied to the fields of mass production and molding and processing of products of any shapes, which is one of the important processing methods.


AN-PROTOTYPE, as the best product prototype company in China, possesses advanced injection molding technology, professional engineers and hi-tech equipments, which let us be capable of providing high-standard injection molded products. Our purpose is providing top quality services.

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