Recommend Fine SLA Technology Products Provided by AN-PROTOTYPE



What is the SLA (stereolithography) Technology? It is a fast molding method which has been studied most deeply with the most mature techniques and widest application. The process of SLA is that use a laser beam controlled by the computer to make point-by-point scanning of the surface of the photosensitive resin material, and the resin folium of the scanning area will go through photopolymerization and then become solidified, thus forming a thin layer on the accessory. Then, use the workbench to move downward a short distance equal to the layer thickness to re-apply a new layer of liquid resin on the resin surface which has been solidified so as to make scanning and processing of the next layer. At last, do the procedures above-mentioned over and over again till the completion of the production of the whole accessory. SLA can be used to make accessories with complex shapes and fine structures, and many parts that are not able to be processed with CNC can be done rapidly by SLA, which greatly reduces the workload.


The advantages of the SLA rapid prototyping technology mainly include:

  1. Ultraviolet laser focusing, with the spot diameter of less than 0.15 mm.
  2. High molding precision, thus being able to shaping fine structures (such as finger ring, artware, etc.);
  3. Making accessories with any complicated structures (such as hollow parts);
  4. Highly polished surface (Surface Ra<0.1μm);
  5. High automatization in the molding process and simple post treatment (point supporting and easy removing);
  6. The material utilization ration of more than 95%.


As the leading product prototype company in China, AN-PROTOTYPE adopts SLA technology and is able to provide SLA molded products at the top level. We have professional mechanists and hard-working staff with the most advanced rapid prototyping machine and equipments. Meanwhile, we are cautious to the quality of our products, which will be checked by details even a little screw before deliver to customers. If you want to know more about AN-PROTOTYPE and our rapid prototyping technology, please visit

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