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The vacuum casting technology is one of the rapidest PU molding techniques, featuring high accuracy and short production cycle. If the number of your bulk-production items is from 5 to 100+, vacuum casting technology has no better alternative. The vacuum casting procedure is a multi-step fine engineering process. In short, the procedure of this technology is as follow: make the silastic mould under the vacuum state with the original SLA or CNC prototype through making precise processing of the surface, pour the liquid silica gel material, and cast duplicates which are the same as the prototype after the silica gel is solidified.


Vacuum casting technology is widely applied to the molding field for its cheaper cost, quicker delivery cycle and fairly lower risk coefficient and its capability of greatly reducing the cost in product development, therefore being suitable for small-lot production. This technology has the following advantages:

1. The delivery cycle is rapid, and each mould can be used to cast 15-20 duplicate PU products according to the product structure;

2. This technology can be applied to small-lot production;

3. Various properties of the product can be achieved with the vacuum casting technology, such as high tenacity, shock resistance, transparency, rich colors, nice texture, etc.


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