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Aluminum Hard Anodized and Painted Parts

Time:2017-04-08  From:AN-PROTOTYPE

            Project Overview:

            Manufacturing Process: CNC Machining
            Material: Aluminum 6061-T6
            Surface Finishing: Taping M8×1.25, Laser Engraving, Hard Anodizing, Painting
            Part Tolerance: ± 0.05 mm
            Quantity: 50 pieces
            Lead Time: 15 Days

            The three different colors of red, black and blue high gloss painting only on the laser engraved letters and pattern is the key point for this project.
            In addition, compared to common aluminum anodizing, it is not easy to control the hard anodizing color, so hard anodizing surface finishing is usually
            applied for inner  mechanical parts with strong abrasion resistance and electric insulation needed.


  Manufacturing Step By Step:

Step 1: CNC machining the aluminum part. Strong cutting capability of the CNC machine and reasonable CNC programming of controlling cutting tool path were the two crucial factors to get a high quality machined part with tight tolerance and smooth surface, also the high machining productivity.
  Aluminum CNC Machining   Aluminum CNC Milling  


  CNC milled aluminum parts   Aluminum laser engraved and hard anodized parts  
  Step 2: CNC machined aluminum parts. The smooth machined part surface helped largely reduce the next hand sanding time or even didn't need it at sometimes, this not only saved the manufacturing time and cost, also got better accuracy.   Step 3: Laser engraved and aluminum hard anodized parts. The part surface was smoother and much harder after aluminum hard anodized, it greatly increased the part's abrasion resistance as well as improve surface adhesion to other coatings.  


  Gloss colors painted parts   Packaging parts for delivery  
  Step 4: Three colors of Red, Black and Blue high gloss painted on the laser engraved letters and pattern. Different glossy colors painting only on the top side's specified area was the difficulty for this project, it required highly experienced painting skill and excellent surface finishing capability.   Step 5: Finished parts in packaging for delivery. Parts were carefully packaged by foam bags one by one for safe transportation, then put them all in a customized wooden box for delivery by DHL Express, two days later, customer saw the arrived parts and was happy for the part quality and service we provided.  


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