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Reaction injection molding for Car bumper

Time:2017-04-08  From:AN-PROTOTYPE

          Reaction injection molding for Car bumper

            Project Overview::

            Prototype Process: Reaction Injection Molding (RIM)
            Prototype materials: epoxy and silicone rubber
            Forming materials: Polyurethane black 8636-75A (black) and black 8636-B
            Part tolerance: ± 0.2 / 100 mm
            Quantity: 30 units
            Delivery time: 15 days

            1.The two-component polyurethane viscosity of the reaction-injection molding material is relatively low, so the injection pressure and temperature of the RIM process
            are lower than those of the conventional injection molding process,Mold performance requirements, greatly reducing the mold manufacturing costs and time. In order
            to effectively reduce the cost of manufacturing the car bumper prototype, we use the RIM processing materials are epoxy resin and silicone rubber glue.


  2. Project points:
The correct proportions and complete mixing of the two liquid polymers in the mixing head are two key steps in determining the quality of the moldings.
3. Reaction injection molding advantages:
Production costs are relatively low and short cycle. The low injection pressure and temperature of the Reaction-injection molding process reduces the mold performance requirements, so that the RIM mold can be compared to a metal injection molde
  Aluminum CNC Machining   Aluminum CNC Milling  


  CNC milled aluminum parts   Aluminum laser engraved and hard anodized parts  
  Made of aluminum, ABS, epoxy and silicone rubber, RIM mold manufacturing costs are relatively low, while tooling manufacturing time is much shorter. This can reduce the cost and time of the product prototype and make it Products are available soon.RIM car bumper wall thickness is not the same. Compared with the traditional plastic injection molding process, the uniform wall thickness limit, through the reaction of injection molding process can achieve different thickness of the wall thickness, wall thickness error only is 1mm to 30mm, so the reaction of injection molded parts can better use the product design concept And style.High strength and high temperature. A reinforcing agent (usually glass fiber) may be added to   the reaction injection material to increase the strength of the component, which is referred to as being suitable for the manufacture of rigidity such as a cover plate and a plate Structure of the enhanced reaction injection molding. Compared with the vacuum casting, RIM parts of the temperature resistance of up to 120 ℃, much higher than the normal 60-70 ℃ vacuum casting.Reaction injection molding material
Due to the low injection pressure and temperature, the component components can be placed first in the mold, and then the polymer mixture can be injected into the mold while encapsulating the inserted parts, resulting in an excellent sealing effect in assembly.


  Gloss colors painted parts   Packaging parts for delivery  
  4.  conclusion:
The reaction injection molding process can produce large-scale covers at low injection pressures because of the very low viscosity and good fluid properties. RIM parts are lightweight, high-strength,Thickness is not so much, wall thickness is not so much, RIM process is widely
used in car bumpers, medical device covers and small size, relatively simple geometry of the protection of low-capacity prototype manufacturing The Customers can benefit from our experienced, fast and economical response injection molding services.


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