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The CNC Aluminum Parts of Auto case study

Time:2016-08-14  From:AN-PROTOTYPE

The CNC Aluminum Parts of Auto case study


        Services: CNC milling, Sanding, Anodizing,
        Material: AL-6082 aluminum
        Lead Time: 7 days
        Quantity: 20 units
        EquipmentGATO 650 vertical processing center
        Making Process:CNC Machining


The Product Developer


BYD is a listed company on Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange.BYD principally engaged in automobile business including traditional fuel-powered vehicles and new energy vehicles BYD has nearly 180,000 employees and 22 industrial parks in global.


The CNC parts of Auto

Auto lightweight on the premise of ensuring the strength and security of the car, could improve the car's performance, reducing fuel consumption, such as aluminum alloy plays an important role in the modern automobile industry, low density, high strength, close to the high quality steel, good plasticity, processing can be all kinds of shape, has the good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, has been widely used in automotive industry. In the research and development of auto parts, all need to use hand to test and verify.

The processing of CNC parts machining

Customer asked us according to the requirements of the drawings and specified material AL-6082., the finishing service of ecru Anodizing. In the course of processing, we have two place need to do special treatment. The one is two ears of CNC parts, another is fillet of CNC parts surface. For the first place we need to use special fixture, and then carved artifacts. In the second place we need to use Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM). EDM allows corner radii of CNC parts, more precise than CNC machining.


Tolerance of CNC parts


Generally, the tolerance of the CNC prototyping is DIN-2768- 1-High-Class for the metal products and DIN-2768-1-Medium-Class for the plastic products. The main factors seriously affecting the tolerance are the wall thickness, material and shape of the product. Suggestion on tolerance will be provided by us for each product, so as to help our customers obtain products with their standards higher than DIN-2768-1.



To ensure the accurate satisfaction of quality requirements, AN-PROTOTYPE invests heavily in its inspection department to introduce a series of advanced testing equipment, and makes an effort to implement the quality inspection in each and every process. Experienced inspectors may use reliable and comprehensive detection means and inspection standards. AN-PROTOTYPE wins respect by constantly satisfying the rising demands of customers.

Delivery Period

AN-PROTOTYPE has a range of standardized production, quality control and delivery processes, it is able to deliver goods in exact quality and quantity and on time to the United States, Europe, Australia and other regions worldwide. We usually select DHL/Fedex for logistics and transport, or other logistics upon your request.

Finishing Service

AN-PROTOTYPE may provide a lot of finishing service, such as brushing, screen printing, electroplating, coating, laser engraving, anodizing, blasting, vacuum plating and the like. In addition, we can also make finishing service according to your specific requirements.

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