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CNC Aluminum Prototyping

Time:2016-09-13  From:AN-PROTOTYPE

 Prototyping Method: CNC Machining
 Prototyping Materials: Aluminum 6061-T6
 Part Dimensions: 389. 00 x 221. 00 x 128. 00 mm
 Finishing Service: Sanding Tapping 1-1/2"BSPT and M12x1. 5, Anodizing Blue
 Prototype Tolerance: ± 0.15 mm
 Min.Order Quantity: 1 Piece
 Lead Time: 5 Days

The tolerance of CNC aluminum part was the critical point for this prototype fabrication in concern with the part's dimensions and its five sides required. Accurate part's relocation at the time of changing side CNC machining was the most important step to ensure the CNC aluminum part's tolerance. What is more, one deep hole had to be drilled.


1: CNC machining for the first side. CNC machining should follow the size of aluminum part and Process the surface smooth.


2: CNC machining for the second side. it should be careful to put the part at the time changing side to ensure the part's accuracy. jigs should be applied for cnc machining at sometimes.

3: CNC machining for the fourth side. When CNC machining ,the reasonable CNC program was also necessary.


4: CNC machining for the fifth side. One deep hole had to be drilled by CNC broach worked.

5: CNC machining finished. After tapped 1-1/2" BSPT and M12×1.5. The next work is deburring, sanding and dark blue anodizing.


6: Aluminum part anodizing.
7:Packing and delivery, AN-prototype have strict requirements on the packaging. For solid shape and small parts are packed in cartons with thickness more than 5 mm, for easy deformation/fragile/ are packed in wood box with thickness more than 10 mm. Cooperation logistics company including: DHL, Fedex,Or the customer designated logistics company.


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