Case Studies

Robot Prototype Machining

Time:2016-12-12  From:AN-PROTOTYPE

           Robot "Gillian" is a smart home robot. To ensure more precise voice control, Gillian is using the voice of the HKUST flight program. If there is any need, as long as

           you "command" a cry, it can complete the instructions. Gillian can control a large number of home appliances and control switches by the infrared, WiFi and RF channel

           connections.In fact,Gillian is a prototype, specifically the structure prototype machining. The inside of the prototype is hollow and can be mounted with electronic components.

           Wheels bottom, body of the prototype, these frames and scattered parts are assembled. After the installation of electronic componenting, Gillian can move around and can achieve

           voice controlled.

          AN-PROTOTYPE is very lucky to be able to do the plastic prototype. The designer is a very creative American college student, contact our sales manager, after seeing the case

          of our web and watching our factory video, approving professional attitude of our sales staff, completely dispelled doubts. Therefore, he quickly become our partners.

          The processing of the prototype is CNC machining, the finishing service including grinding, fuel injection, assembly and so on.Designer came to our company, after installing
          the electronic components, the home robot is so perfect .



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