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The processing of prototype machining

Time:2016-12-14  From:AN-PROTOTYPE


          Rapid Prototype is the first step and the most direct and effective method to verify the feasibility and design defects of product , effective way to improve the defects of product .

          In order to better choose the appropriate process of rapid prototype, We need to understand the entire process.Detailed process is as follows:

          1, machining of rough prototype:

          There are two ways of the rough prototype machining, one is CNC machining, theother is the 3D printing;

          2, Polishing of rough prototype :
          To polish the the knife marks of the rough prototype be smooth, by hand griping sandpaper

          3, Assembling of prototype :
          To assembling the polished accessories of prototype, with special glue or screw fixed
          4, Finishing service of prototype:

          Finishing service including printing,EVA, electro -gilding, cladding, laser etching, oxidation, sand blast and vacuum plating etc. According to customer requirements we could provide

          other finishing service.
          Function Of prototype:

          1. Shape prototype: mainly used to test the product size, color matching, material, cost assessment, market survey, exhibition and analysis the feasibility of production.
          2. Structure prototype: mainly used for mixing between the internal assembly structure, analysissing material strength, performance testing, cost evaluation, which greatly

           reduces the molding investment of production
          3. Vacuum casting: mainly used for low-volume manufacturing of new product performance testing, and further enhance the feasibility of mass production.

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