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What matters needing attentaion

Time:2017-02-15  From:AN-PROTOTYPE

What  matters needing attentaion

Rapid Prototype is a small number of samples after production finalize the design. Then in the production of plastic prototype machining, what matters has to be payed attention? I think we are very concerned about the issue.
Followed by the prototype machining time, you should explain some of the details of the3D drawing, such as prototype choice of materials, plastic or metal, domestic or imported, and whether to silk screen, plating and other surface effects dealing with. If necessary,must be clear with the manufacturers, in particular, some details of the problem. Otherwise there will be out of the prototype do not match with their own expectations, both a waste of time and fail to meet their own requirements.

Finally, when machining the prototype, confidentiality is very important, because the new product in the proofing when the most easily opponents know, copy the link. So when doing the hand proofing of choosing a best able to achieve the standard of the manufacturer.         

Also with hand manufacturer to sign a confidentiality agreement, to establish a long-term cooperative relations, so the 3 d drawings don't more people know, can better protect your intellectual property.

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