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Robot Prototype Machining

Time:2017-02-16  From:AN-PROTOTYPE


Project View:
Prototype Name:ROBOT
Designing:Customers offer 3D drawings
Date:No need to repair data
Equipment:JDHGT600、RS Pro600
Finishing Service:Fine polished + High light paint
Dimensional accuracy ± 0.1mm
With excellent strength and toughness
Assembly qualified,Customer satisfaction
Production process:                                                                                   

1.Project management
Establish a dedicated project management team to organize workshops at all stages of the project. To determine the links of the project leader, processing technology and production progress, for each of the key parts of the control parts of the production process and regulatory measures. In strict accordance with the internal implementation of the quality control system, please refer to the Annex "Quality Control System" document. processing
The processing of parts for data optimization, in order to meet the processing requirements of the process. Programmers in the process of optimizing the parts, will strictly follow the strength requirements of the product and post-processing stitching process requirements. The installation of fixed points and demolition of the structure optimization, local increase in material thickness and strengthen the bones and muscles to ensure that each part of the stitching are bound and positioning.
All parts of the optimization drawings and inspection drawings were eventually submitted by the public Dodec Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. confirmed.

3.NC programming
According to the final confirmation of the number of NC programming, strict control of the tool feed and speed, to prevent the process of cutting and melting knife.

4.CNC machining
In strict accordance with the program single to ensure that the workpiece clamping accuracy of each fixture does not exceed ± 0.05mm, the tool correction does not exceed ± 0.05mm, to ensure that the workpiece loading and unloading is not due to external deformation and deformation. In the process of implementation of the program to pay attention to the operation of each knife, found that any fused, cut, broken knife, workpiece deformation and other anomalies, due to feedback to the relevant project immediately.

5.positioning stitching
Processing of finished parts in the clean-up, the need to complete the stitching in the detection of fixtures. The support part of the test fixture is made up of standard round steel and aluminum alloy support block. The end part and the workpiece mounting and positioning part are made of CNC precision machining with wood. First of all need to check the CMM detection of positioning, requiring the installation hole, positioning column, the key profile of the positioning accuracy ≤ ± 0.20mm. And then in the gage in turn to complete the splicing of each piece, requiring splicing after the dimensional accuracy of parts ≤ ± 0.60mm.

6.prototype post-processing
Manual processing first need to check the product 3D digital model, to understand the parts of the assembly relationship and structural requirements, remove the adhesive remaining glue, and parts within the CNC processing dead ends. Parts of the grinding work to 240 # sandpaper open, indirect use of 400-600-800-1000 # sandpaper to 1000 # or 1200 # sandpaper end grinding, grinding effect required to achieve no knife marks, no sand marks, no pits, the surface smooth.

7.silicone molding
The use of imported silicone raw materials to ensure that the mold life and surface finish, through the precise guide structure and fixed plate, can greatly improve the mold copy accuracy, to avoid large-size mold deformation, mold is not allowed and other defects.

8.vacuum injection type
Vacuum injection stage must strictly enforce the following process specification standards:
(1) silicone mold preheating. When the silicone mold is heated to 60-70 ° C in advance, the mold temperature is too low, which may cause incomplete curing and cause poor physical properties. Mold temperature is directly related to the dimensional accuracy of the test piece.
(2) castable pre-defoaming. Respectively, A, B two liquid in the vacuum box for 30 minutes or more vacuum defoaming treatment.
(3) pouring. The containers containing A and B were placed in the working chamber. Work room to get a vacuum from time to time to stir B liquid so that it defoamed 5-10 minutes, A solution into the B solution for 30-40 minutes, quickly poured into the silicone rubber mold. And the operation of returning to atmospheric pressure is performed within 1 minute to 30 minutes from the start of the mixing.
(4) curing. In 60-70 ° C in the incubator for 30-60 minutes after curing, can be stripped. If necessary, in the 70-80 ℃ incubator for 2-3 hours of secondary curing.

9.copy post-processing
Use 800-1200 # sandpaper polished parts surface, requiring no knife marks, no sand marks, no pits, smooth surface. Special attention to the lines, fillet, straight edge, decorative trunking and beveled position, the line should be clear can not be deformed. The final surface of the polished workpiece can not have a bottom ash residue.

10.CMM detection
The final test report of the parts, the need to remove the excess constraint before the test, to retain the basic installation of fixed points, simulated assembly of data under the state of detection.

11.painting operations
According to the definition of color and texture requirements, the first production of color plates for the Derek confirmed after the paint operations. To ensure that the paint surface is smooth, no color, stains, grease, bubbles, cracks and other defects.

12.simple assembly
According to the customer's request to provide assembly site, as well as the internal simple assembly work. work
All the samples through the public Dodi Ke site acceptance after passing, we organized the sample packaging and transport. Packing: inner layer of pearl cotton and other cushioning material, the outer custom wooden box protection, to ensure the safety of transport.


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