• Rapid Prototype

    Rapid Prototype

    A prototype is an early sample or model built to test a concept or process ,or act as a thing to be replicated or learned from,it means prototypes will help system designers build an information system that is intuitive and easy to manipulate for end users.

  • SLA


    AN-PROTOTYPE Corporation adopts SLA (stereolithography) technology (a fast molding method which has been studied most deeply, with maturest techniques and widest application), and its process is as follow: use a laser beam controlled by the computer to make point-by-point scanning of the surface of the photosensitive resin material

  • CNC Parts Machining

    CNC Parts Machining

    CNC machining of prototypes is the most prevalent form of rapid prototyping in China and is also our major business. why it is the most popular? Because the cost of labour, materials and CNC machinery is very low in China. And what the most important is CNC machining prototypes give the most accurate representation of mass production parts. Based on our skilled technique,our compay can offer one-stop service for the rapid manufacturing of high-quality CNC machining prototypes according to your drawing.

  • Reaction Injection Molding

    Reaction Injection Molding

    AN-PROTOTYPE Corporation provides you with low-pressure perfusion technology, which is a new one and can be applied to rapid casting production. This technology enjoys its advantages of high-efficiency, short production phase, simple process and low cost, and can be applied to the mass production of covering parts with simple structures and large products with thick walls or nonuniform walls.

  • Rapid Vacuum Casting

    Rapid Vacuum Casting

    AN-PROTOTYPE Corporation can provide low-cost and high-quality vacuum casting services. The vacuum casting technology is one of the rapidest PU molding techniques, featuring high accuracy and short production cycle. If the number of your bulk-production items is from 5 to 200+, we suggest that the vacuum casting technology is your best choice.

  • Plastic Injection Molding

    Plastic Injection Molding

    AN-PROTOTYPE Corporation possesses professional injection molding technology, and the advantages of the technology are that it can be used to make high-speed and high-efficiency production as well as automatized operation, and there are many product varieties and designs, and various shapes from simple to complex ones and sizes from big to small ones.

  • Finishing services

    Finishing services

    AN-PROTOTYPE Corporation is able to provide many finishing services such as wiredrawing, silk printing, electro-gilding, cladding, laser etching, oxidation, sand blast and vacuum plating. In brief, we can meet all your technology requirements.

  • Quality Inspection

    Quality Inspection

    In order to meet the accuracy requirement of the costumer, AN-PROTOTYPE has made great investment in its Quality Inspection Department and introduced a series of advanced inspecting equipment, including a coordinate measuring machine of Hexagon, a Sweden corporation, height gauge, micrometer, plug gauge, etc., so as to enhance the measurement accuracy to ±0.01 mm.

  • cnc prototyping

    cnc prototyping

    CNC prototypinging is one of the more common way of rapid prototyping, high accuracy, fast processing speed, high quality of the sample surface , could use various kinds of materials. Technical team of AN - RROTOTYPE has rich experience in cnc prototyping more than 10 years , with perfect production processing and quality control system.

  • cnc aluminum

    cnc aluminum

    Aluminum parts has been widely used in the utomotive, medical apparatus and instruments, equipment, toys, robots and other fields. AN-PROTOTYPE is very good at CNC Aluminum machining, have a large number of ses. AN-PROTOTYPE has a large number of years experience in the large, small, precise and complex hole deep groove, bent arm, irregular shape of the aluminium parts.We have finishing service technology team, could provide anodizing, electroplating, spray painting, grinding, etc.

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