cnc aluminum
CNC Aluminum


         Aluminum parts has been widely used in the automotive, medical apparatus and instruments, equipment, toys, robots and other fields. AN-PROTOTYPE is very good

        at CNC Aluminum machining, have a large number of cases.
AN-PROTOTYPE has a large number of years experience in the large, small, precise and complex hole,

        deep groove, bent arm, irregular shape of the aluminium parts.We have finishing service technology team, could provide anodizing
, electroplating, spray painting,

        grinding, quick quotes and advice in 24 Hours or Less.

        You can submit the 3D data by email will provide detailed quotation within 3 hours.

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Precise CNC Aluminum Parts




Complex CNC Aluminum parts



      The lasted Case of CNC Parts Machining

         Name: CNC parts
         Material:Aluminum Alloy 6082
         Finishing Service:Sanding,Anodizing
         Lead Time:5 days
         Making Process:CNC Machining
         Equipment:GATO 650 vertical processing center




Irregular CNC Aluminum Parts




Deep groove of CNC Aluminum parts



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