cnc prototyping
      CNC Prototyping


          CNC prototyping is one of the more common way of rapid prototyping, high accuracy, fast processing speed, high quality of the sample surface , could use various kinds
          of materials. Technical team of AN - RROTOTYPE has rich experience in cnc prototyping more than 10 years , with perfect production processing and quality control system.
          in product design, simple model manufacture and small batch production of AN-PROTOTYPE has very significant advantages, especially in all kinds of metals such as CNC
          aluminum parts, precision parts, getting a profound accumulation from the well-known companies such as Siemens, BYD.

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The process of CNC Prototype


Technicians of AN-PROTOTYPE check 3d data from customer, assessing whether tiny CNC parts can work out. 3D data Converted into dedicated computer program; According to the 3D files , putting CNC parts to the right position; Adjusting the processing speed, tungsten steel cutting tools according to the program and milling parts.


CNC Prototype With Electrical Discharge Machining

The deep groove, narrow gap of CNC Parts is the place that could not reach the designated position on CNC machining, but these places require more higher accuracy. This would require the Electrical Discharge Machining which using conducting electrode able to work out with complex shape of hole, deep groove, narrow gap, thread and other technology with high precision.



      The lasted Case of CNC Parts Machining

         Name: Auto CNC parts
         Material:Aluminum Alloy 6082
         Finishing Service:Sanding,Anodizing
         Lead Time:7 days
         Making Process:CNC Machining
         Equipment:GATO 650 vertical processing center


The process of CNC Machining


The Finishing Service of CNC Machining


Advantage of CNC prototyping


CNC prototyping with high speed and low cost in processing, and ±0.05mm accuracy can be reached.There is a wide range of selectable materials, such as ABS, POM, PMMA, PA, PC, PP, bakelite, as well as metal materials of aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, zink alloy, copper, etc.The surface quality of the products can reach a high level,and after the subsequent machining.the products will be more exquisite than those produced from molding.


Tolerance of CNC prototyping


Generally, the tolerance of the CNC prototyping is DIN-2768- 1-High-Class for the metal products and DIN-2768-1-Medium-Class for the plastic products. The main factors seriously affecting the tolerance are the wall thickness, material and shape of the product. Suggestion on tolerance will be provided by us for each product, so as to help our customers obtain products with their standards higher than DIN-2768-1.


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