Rapid Vacuum Casting

Rapid Vacuum Casting

AN-Prototype Corporation can provide low-cost and high-quality vacuum casting services. The vacuum casting technology is one of the rapidest PU molding techniques, featuring high accuracy and short production cycle. If the number of your bulk-production items is from 5 to 100+, we suggest that the vacuum casting technology is your best choice. sales@an-prototype.com quick quotes and advice in 24 Hours or Less.

The vacuum casting procedure is a multi-step fine engineering process. In short, the procedure of this technology is as follow: make the silastic mould under the vacuum state with the original SLA or CNC prototype through making precise processing of the surface, pour the liquid silica gel material, and cast duplicates which are the same as the prototype after the silica gel is solidified. This technology is widely applied to the molding field for its cheaper cost, quick delivery cycle and fairly low risk coefficient and its capability of greatly reducing the cost in product development, therefore being suitable for small-lot production.


1. The delivery cycle is rapid, and each mould can be used to cast 15-20 duplicate PU products according to the product structure;

2. This technology can be applied to small-lot production;

3. Various properties of the product can be achieved with the vacuum casting technology, such as high tenacity, shock resistance, transparency, rich colors, nice texture, etc.


The Process of Vacuum Casting

Diversified materials for selecting

The pouring materials of AN-Prototype come from HEI-CAST and PELNOX of Japan and AXSON of France, whose physical properties similar to those of the commonly used engineering plastics, such as ABS, PP, PA and POM, or those of the transparent pouring materials, or those of the elastomeric materials, such as rubber (40~90shord D). The Company also has high temperature resistant materials able to withstand the temperature of 150℃, and fire-proof materials reaching the UL94-V0 Level. Our engineers all possess about twenty years of experience, who can provide you with optimal programs concerning the substitute materials.


Stable dimension accuracy

AN-Prototype consistently select high-quality room-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber as the material for making the vacuum casting mould, and apart from this, the Company also carries out a whole standard operation procedure to ensure our products possessing optimal dimension accuracy and mechanical properties. We elaborately control the operational parameters of each link in the working procedure, including blending, de-foaming, stirring, pre-heating, casting and solidifying. We can control the standard duplication accuracy within 0.15 /100 mm, with the highest accuracy reaching ±0.05 mm.The last case of vacuum casting,please have a look.


Duplication of large-scale and complex accessories

AN-Prototype possesses a large-scale vacuum pouring system, which can contain the mould with its dimensions of 2.0 M × 1.2 M × 1.0 M, letting us capable of taking small-batch trial-manufacture of the interior and exterior accessories of the automobile, such as dash board, door plant, etc. We can control the dimensional accuracy of all the accessories within ±0.2 mm in the positional tolerance of the location hole, ±0.4 mm in the positional tolerance of the mounting hole, and ±0.7 mm in the general dimension and profile tolerance.


The tolerance of the vacuum casting mainly depends on the geometric structure of the prototype model. In the process of vacuum casting, AN-Prototype Corporation always makes heat treatment for mould forming with a bakelite splint, so as to ensure the accuracy of the workpiece dimension.


To ensure the accurate satisfaction of quality requirements, AN-PROTOTYPE invests heavily in its inspection department to introduce a series of advanced testing equipment, and makes an effort to implement the quality inspection in each and every process. Experienced inspectors may use reliable and comprehensive detection means and inspection standards. AN-PROTOTYPE wins respect by constantly satisfying the rising demands of customers.

Delivery Period

AN-PROTOTYPE has a range of standardized production, quality control and delivery processes, it is able to deliver goods in exact quality and quantity and on time to the United States, Europe, Australia and other regions worldwide. We usually select DHL/Fedex for logistics and transport, or other logistics upon your request.

Finishing Service

AN-PROTOTYPE may provide a lot of finishing service, such as brushing, screen printing, electroplating, coating, laser engraving, anodizing, blasting, vacuum plating and the like. In addition, we can also make finishing service according to your specific requirements.

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