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Vacuum Casting Service
Aug 16 2018 | View : 1034
AN-PROTOTYPE professional team has 15 years of experience in providing excellent vacuum casting services for small batch plastic prototypes to help you strike the right balance between high quality end-use parts and production delivery cycles. This can save time and cost for customers seeking competitive advantage in...Read More
Aluminum Machining Service
Aug 13 2018 | View : 691
AN-PROTOTYPE is a reliable manufacturer of precision CNC aluminum machining with abundant rapid prototyping technology and advanced technical equipment in China.CNC Milling and CNC Turning: 3-axis, 4-axis, 5-axis CNC machines help us provide one-stop turning and milling services.Read More
What is a rapid prototyping?
Jul 25 2018 | View : 543
It is normal. Many people don't know the existence of this industry unless they work with it . It's not mold, As you know, the cost of the mold is relatively high. From the concepts to mass production, the product needs to do a lot of tests, including appearance test, functional test, structural test, etc. When...Read More
How to choose supplier when need to prototype machining?
Jul 04 2018 | View : 692
What factors do you prefer to consider? Many people will answer: delivery, price, factory strength and so on. However, as a manufacturer of rapid prototype, I think that a company’s corporate culture is more important in the long-term run.Read More
How to Quote For Prototype
Jun 24 2018 | View : 908
Shenzhen an-prototype receives many RFQ every day from the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia and many other countries around the world.Price is one of the most important factors that determine whetherRead More
How to Choose a Trusted Aluminum Prototype Manufacturer
Jun 21 2018 | View : 630
Aluminium prototypes are light weight, strong in hardness and versatile in plasticity. They occupy a very important position in industrial design and are widely used in aviation,Read More
Currently Advertisement about Rapid Prototype China in May, 2018
May 24 2018 | View : 678
The list of Currently Ads about Rapid Prototype China in May, 2018 on Google.com: Rapid Prototype China | Product Prototype Company - An-Prototype www.an-prototype.com/Read More
Rapid Prototype China for the Beginning of Any Product or Machinery
May 24 2018 | View : 612
Rapid prototype China is an amalgamation of techniques that are taken into use to develop a scale model of a physical part or assembly using 3D CAD data and other techniques.Read More
Product Prototype Company – Find the Best One for Prototype Solutions
May 11 2018 | View : 684
For beginning of production of any kind of products or machinery, a sample or demo is the basic need that is prepared and checked to ensure that the product is of top quality.Read More
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