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Low-Volume Manufacturing

AN-PROTOTYPE as Low-Volume Manufacturer can produce high quality prototypes at low cost in automobile, medical and electronic products, and can deliver them according to contract. In the case of prototype design, quotation and other links are free. Once the product prototype is ready, you will consider Low-Volume Manufacturing next. The rapid entry of products into the market is one of the keys to success. AN-PROTOTYPE can provide you with CNC machining, vacuum casting, rapid tooling and other ways to provide Low-Volume Manufacturing for your products. These technologies include plastic prototyping, metal prototyping, and aluminum  prototyping.

AN-PROTOTYPE is a low-volume manufacturer that applies unsurpassed level of expertise to deliver quality and repeatability on every part. We determine your best pathway to the marketplace based on your project’s goals and expectations, providing cost-effective and rationalized advice from designs, materials, production processes, manufacturability, etc. Short-run and low-volume production can be achieved by different manufacturing methods. It makes sure that you will move from prototype to production smoothly.

Solutions for low-volume manufacturing          

The success of some products depends on how quick you can enter the market. When time is of the essence, AN-Prototype's CNC machining and vacuum casting and rapid machining technology can provide you with low-volume manufacturing quickly. These technologies can serve almost all engineering materials, including thermoplastics, aluminum and metals, and advanced polyurethanes. It can serve as a bridge between tools and molds, on the same time it can be applied to market research for new design.

Application Scene

1. When the mold is delayed but need the product soon.
2. High quality is required but with low volume.
3. Accelerate the lead time of product evaluation.                
4. Need to machining customized products.
5. Want to enter the market quickly.

CNC Machining Service
CNC Machining Service
AN-PROTOTYPE provide CNC machining China and turning services. For Professional CNC milling,turning,drilling Parts Services, medium to high-volume production, Contact us Today
Vacuum Casting
Vacuum Casting
AN-PROTOTYPE as prototype machining factory in China, could provide vacuum casting service and be able to meet the needs of small batch prototype machining., thus obtaining respect from our customers.
Plastic Injection Molding
Plastic Injection Molding
AN-PROTOTYPE, a rapid prototype manufacturer from China, can provide diversified plastic injection molding services and meet customers' needs.
Quality Inspection
Quality Inspection
To ensure the accurate satisfaction of quality requirements, AN-PROTOTYPE invests heavily in its inspection department to introduce a series of advanced testing equipment, including Hexagon coordinate measuring machine, height caliper, micrometer, plug gauge, etc, with the measurement accuracy up to ±0.02μm. Our guarantee to quality system includes...
Finishing Service
Finishing Service
Laser engrave is also called laser engraving or laser marking, using laser beam to carve out permanent pattern on the material surface or inside of transparent material .Laser engrave can be used on many occasions and without limit on shape.There will be a certain deformation when engraved on big arc surface. it can also engrave off the paint on...


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