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Plastic Prototyping

Plastics are widely used in all fields, including automobiles, machinery, medical, electronic products, daily necessities, etc. Plastic prototype machining has a very important position in the field of rapid prototyping. There are many kinds of machining methods, including CNC machining, vacuum casting, SLS.SLA, 3D printing and so on. AN-PROTOTYPE is an expert in the field of plastic machining. We have a lot of cases to show. Plastic machining is a pleasant and relaxing thing for us. We are very happy to be your business partner.

  • Vacuum Casting Service Vacuum Casting Service Vacuum casting material Hundreds of casting polymers are available and can be hardened and surface treated to meet customer requirements. You can ask that...
  • Optical Prototype Optical Prototype In industrial applications, many machines have this strict requirement for clear optical components, such as car lighting, automobile industry (signal lighting equipment,...
  • Vacuum Casting Vacuum Casting Project Name:Painter parts Prototyping Process: CNC Machining,Vacuume casting Prototyping Material: ABS Prototype Dimensions: 390.00 × 210.00 × 139.00 mm Surface...
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